Whether a business or campus, consumers are moving toward a flexitarian diet. Employees want healthier options and students are increasingly considering their dining options when choosing a college or university. Studies show that 51% care about nutrition and hold their heathy eating habits in high regard. Moreover, 24% of sophomores are eating more vegetarian or vegan foods on campus now than they were a year ago. However, they’re concerned about highly processed meat alternatives. Instead, they’re craving allergen-free, plant-based options with ingredients they can pronounce alongside environmentally responsible practices they can stand behind.


Allergen-free and non-GMO


Complete protein with all nine amino acids


Rich in absorbable iron


Only plant-based source of vitamin B12


Provides beneficial polyphenols


A good source of dietary fiber


Abundant vitamins & minerals*

  • Iron (45%)

  • Vitamin A (70%)

  • Vitamin K (580%)

  • Folate (60%)

  • Vitamin B12 (15%)

  • Zinc (25%)

*DV Per 85g (3 cubes) of Mankai

Best of all, with its neutral taste and texture, Mankai can easily be incorporated into existing menus and recipes or offered as an additional protein boost at smoothie or juice bars. Whether breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks between classes or meetings, Mankai fits the on-the-go schedules of busy lives.

Worried about storage or shelf life? No need. Mankai comes frozen in ice cube-like trays for easy, convenient storage and peace of mind in terms of potential spoilage. It can also be thawed and stored in a refrigerator for up to three weeks.

“This is a powerhouse plant. It has a light, easy-to-incorporate taste and unprecedented nutrition, including being one of the few plants with B12, iron, and a complete protein. I’ve put it in use across a wide range of recipes, including batters, spreads, smoothies, flavor boosts, dressings, and baked goods. The possibilities are nearly endless. It’s seriously a must for any college or business dining operation.”

– Chef Ron DeSantis, Chief Culinary Officer, Hungry Planet and Former Director of Culinary Excellence at Yale University

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