Going green? Mankai is the super tiny, mighty green making it possible – and easy – to live a plant-forward lifestyle that’s nutritious, delicious, and in line with your sustainability efforts and environmental concerns. It’s got a neutral taste and texture that can easily fit into so many recipes you know and love. Whether breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks on-the-go, Mankai’s an easy way to feel good about your meals. Check out some of our recipes for some inspiration!


Allergen-free and non-GMO


Complete protein with all nine amino acids


Rich in absorbable iron


Only plant-based source of vitamin B12


Provides beneficial polyphenols


A good source of dietary fiber


Abundant vitamins & minerals*

  • Iron (45%)

  • Vitamin A (70%)

  • Vitamin K (580%)

  • Folate (60%)

  • Vitamin B12 (15%)

  • Zinc (25%)

*DV Per 85g (3 cubes) of Mankai

Worried about storage or shelf life? No need. Mankai comes frozen in ice cube-like trays for easy, convenient storage and peace of mind in terms of potential spoilage. It can also be thawed and stored in a refrigerator for up to three weeks.

“Mankai makes it easy for anyone to eat healthier. With a neutral flavor, you can drop a cube or two into a vinaigrette, sauce, smoothie, or even bread. Mankai should be an essential addition for vegans and vegetarians since it’s one of the only plant sources of Vitamin B12 and is a complete protein that is also packed with iron. The best part? Mankai is the world’s tiniest vegetable. Totally unprocessed. But so good for you.”

– Linh Aven, Executive Chef – B.Good

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