Enough talking, let's cook

From restaurants and chefs to home cooks, vegans to flexitarians, now everyone can make nutritious eating taste delicious.


Even the simplest fruit smoothie can be elevated into superfood status, with
a wholesome boost of iron, vitamin B12, and vitamin E

Mankai Peachy Mango Ginger Smoothie

Who thought a smoothie could be vegan bliss? Mankai provides plant-based protein for a healthy and delicious pick-me-up

Mankai Pancake

Turn a guilty pleasure into a nutritious breakfast, in just 4 simple steps and a touch of Mankai vegetable

Mankai Sweet Potato Hash with Sunny Eggs

Enjoy an indulgent breakfast with a dash of Mankai vegetable. You won’t taste the wholesomeness, but you’ll feel it

Mankai Quiche

Upgrade a brunch favorite for vegetarians and flexitarians, with a nutritional boost of iron and vitamins

Mankai Thai Soup

Accentuate the exotic flavors of Thailand with a touch of Mankai vegetable , for the ultimate combination of health and deliciousness

Mankai Pasta

Meet the first healthy pasta. With endless interpretations and variations in flavor and style, Mankai vegetable guarantees your favorite Italian dish is wholesome and nutritious

Mankai Veggie Burger

Reintroduce an American classic as a wholesome delight, perfect as a nutritious boost for vegetarians and flexitarians

Mankai Pralines

Don’t let dessert of the hook. End a nutritious and delicious meal with an equally healthy and tasty chocolate treat