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Mankai Sweet Potato Hash with Sunny Eggs

Enjoy an indulgent breakfast with a dash of Mankai. You
won’t taste the wholesomeness, but you’ll feel it

Mankai Nutrition Contribution

Mankai content per serving 1.3oz

Mankai contributes to each portion:

Calories  21

Protein  2.4g

Dietary fibers  1.8g

Iron  3.5mg

Sodium  3mg

Potassium  139mg

Vitamin B12  0.14mcg

Vitamin E  1mg


3.8 oz chorizo sausages

10 oz peeled sweet potato cubes

2.5 oz chopped onions

10 oz fresh raw whole egg

4 frozen Mankai cubes

0.6 oz canola oil

0.3 oz chopped fresh parsley

For Mankai Tomato Compote:

4 frozen Mankai cubes

I.8 oz diced raw onions

0.3 oz extra virgin olive oil

11.4 oz diced canned petite tomato

1.4 oz sundried tomatoes in oil- drained

A pinch of kosher salt

For Mankai Avocado Drizzle:

6.3 oz mayonnaise

3.8 oz peeled raw avocado without pit

2 frozen Mankai cubes

0.6 oz finely chopped raw chives

1.3 oz raw orange juice


Step 1

Heat oil and sauté onions until lightly browned

Step 2

Add chorizo to onions and sauté for 2-3 minutes

Step 3

Add diced sweet potato and cook until potato is tender, about 10 minutes

Step 4

Add Mankai, mix thoroughly and add parsley

step 5

Fry egg in oil until white is set

Mankai Tomato Compote:    

Step 1

Sweat onions in extra virgin olive oil until soft

Step 2

Add diced tomatoes and sun-dried tomatoes

Step 3

Add Mankai, season with salt

Mankai Avocado Drizzle:

Blend mayonnaise and avocado in food processor until smooth

Mankai Avocado Drizzle:

Blend mayonnaise and avocado in food processor until smooth

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