Today's food for tomorrow's good.

Right now, humanity’s relationship with Earth is heading in a bad direction. By 2050, 10 billion people will share the world. Keeping everyone fed and well-nourished poses a serious problem.

With its nutritional value and neutral taste, Mankai helps more people embrace a plant-forward solution that reduces meat-based foods and makes a real difference for imminent crises like food shortage, water shortage, and land degradation.

Even a tiny,
Mankai-sized change
can help postpone the crisis
by a decade
or two

Powered by Nature,
Enabled by Science

It took 6 years of R&D to cultivate this wholesome ancient green to perfection

Using advanced agri-tech and a proprietary cultivation algorithm, we were able to build a safe and sustainable new ecosystem for Mankai™ to grow, in a cutting edge, dynamically adaptive hydroponic system

step toward an abundant future

We make it our mission to deliver a wholesome, natural, and minimally-processed product, leaving a minimal ecological footprint

Mankai vegetable can grow anywhere, feed anyone, superfood anything, in a highly efficient, sustainable and low-maintenance way

Uses little LIGHT

Uses little watER

No waste

Can be grown anywhere

daily harvest, year-round

doubles in mass every 72 hours