May we suggest a veggie burger with a touch of superfood?

May we
suggest pancakes
with a touch of superfood?

May we
suggest a smoothie
with a touch of superfood?

wait... what?

Meet Mankai™ vegetable, the tiniest vegetable in the world that is all about CREATION. It CREATES health with its rich variety of essential nutrients, It CREATES an innovative plant-forward menu, it CREATES a new dining experience along the way. Guess what, it even CREATES itself every 72 hours. Anyone can use Mankai's CREATIVE powers to transform ordinary foods into superfoods, from pizza to PB&J sandwich to a burger (This would be a good time to pinch yourself)


less than 1/5 of an inch

a Whole New way to enjoy wholesome

What do you get when you take an ancient green and cultivate it to perfection?

The most wholesome vegetable in the world

A rare plant-based source of highly bioavailable protein, B12, and Iron, with minimum sodium levels and zero cholesterol

We’re so excited we just couldn’t hide it anymore


Superfood Anything

Eating healthy should not be a challenging task, it should be a tasty, satisfying daily routine

Thanks to Mankai’s delicate taste, surprisingly pleasant texture, and tiny size, you can easily superfood anything without having to make changes, alter recipes or compromise for less-than-delicious food.

If you’re short on ideas, head to our recipes section, we hope you like it

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100% Natural, 110% healthy

Keeping Mankai’s wholesome natural form
is our top priority

We developed the most advanced cultivation technology to ensure Mankai's outstanding qualities, while not genetically modifying or engineering it in any way. Mankai is powered by nature, enabled by technology, and driven by science

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Celebrating plant-based foods, while using science-backed data, to affect change and promote personal and global well-being

From trend to movement to full on revolution, plant-forward is taking over the world. People are embracing plant-based food as their main course, and even the whole meal


farm to Food service

Meet your new best friend. The perfect solution for implementing plant-forward in your menus and recipes


We’d love to show you how you can superfood anything